Five Glamorous and Gorgeous Ladies

Five Glamorous and Gorgeous Ladies

When you get to see Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, Isabella Rossellini and Julia Roberts you can only be in a complete shock.
It is so hard to gather these five amazingly gorgeous and glamorous ladies, but if anyone can do it then Lancome can do it.

These A-list actresses gathered at the Lancome 80th anniversary party and every one of them looked absolutely stunning.
All of them were ambassadors for this brand so that’s why they posed together looking like the most beautiful women in the world.
In the center of this amazing group was of course Julia Roberts who looked astonishing in tiny black shorts with black blouse tucked in.
Of course when it comes to Julia Roberts nothing can make her more beautiful than her amazing smile. That is her biggest accessory.
Then we have gorgeous Penelope who wore black gown that showed off her amazing figure. Her hairstyle was similar to Julia’s, so we could freely say that this Spanish actress looked better than ever.

After Spanish, exotic actress we got to see gentle, beautiful Kate Winslet who didn’t want to complicate things. 
She looked simple, but with must say really effective in a black dress. Still her dress managed to show off her amazing curves and body which she didn’t try to highlight. But when someone is as good looking as she is, you cannot simply hide it.

Then the youngest lady in the group Lupita looked amazing as usual. She is a fashion icon and a beauty so it is no surprise.
And last but not least is Isabella who didn’t wear any dress or a gown but still looked gorgeous and elegant.

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