Fourth of July Inspired Nail Art

Fourth of July Inspired Nail Art

4th of July is around the corner and while you are getting in the festive mood, here’s a quick nail art tutorial to getting your nails all set for the day. 

Things required:– 
•    White, Red and Navy blue nail paint of any finish.
•    Clear sparkly coat
•    Small round rhinestones and sparkly stars
•    Nail paint glue
•    Top coat
•    Fine brush

•    Apply navy blue nail paint on 3 fingers, leaving middle finger and ring finger. 
•    On the middle finger, apply white nail paint as base coat.
•    On the ring finger, apply the clear sparkle nail paint.
•    Using a fine brush, draw red stripes on the middle finger nail over the white top.
•    Paint a small section in the corner of the middle finger nail with the navy blue paint.
•    Apply stars over the freshly painted navy blue part of the middle finger. 
•    Apply round rhinestones using nail paint glue on the ring finger.
•    Seal your fourth of July manicure using a top coat. 


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