What are nanotechnology based products and foods?

What are nanotechnology based products and foods?

Nanotechnology and food might not seem like the most expected pairing, but application of the study allows for many different benefits to food.

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules, capping at 100 nanometers. When applied to food, nanotechnology can provide many different benefits in many different areas of food.

First, nanotechnology can bring a lot of positives to the agricultural process. It allows for observing enzyme interactions, controlling delivery of growth hormones, delivering DNA to plants, potential benefits to identity tracking, and the ability to deliver and control vaccines. This isn’t the only stage nanotechnology is useful in, however.

Nanotechnology can be used in the processing side of the food chain. For instance, nanotechnology can assist with gelation, replacing meat cholesterol, and the dispersion and control of nutrients.

Even that isn’t the entire extent of nanotechnology applications when it comes to food. Beyond the growing of food and the processing of it, the packaging benefits as well. For starters, nanotechnology allows for the managing of permeation in foil, preventing spoilage, detecting pathogens/chemicals, and preventing the absorption of oxygen.

These applications only scratch the surface of the possibilities of nanotechnology, the power and use of the study will only expand with time. More uses are always discovered in the field involving some of the most direct and close studies of atoms and molecules.

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