Acai berries health benefits

Acai berries health benefits

Berries are known to be very rich in antioxidants and the acai berries are the best! They are easily the healthiest of all berries. They are commonly found in the Amazon rainforest. There are countless health benefits to the acia berries and adding them to your diet could heal you, boost your immune system, and also give you a boost in energy.

Good for your Heart: Acai berries have very high amount of anthocyanins and plant sterols that keep your heart healthy. They do that by promoting a good flow of the blood supply by removing clots and relaxing the blood vessels.

Helps Maintain Weight: There was a study done in the lab that fed flies a high cholesterol diet. They studied the effects of consuming acai pulp and saw results which decreased the negative effects of that otherwise harmful diet.

Great for Skin: As acai berries are rich in antioxidants, the acai oil is introduced in many beauty products that enhance the skin. When you consume the berries, your face will have a natural glow. The people from Brazil are known to consume acai berries to cure various skin ailments.

Promotes Digestion:  The consumption of acai berries helps keep the digestive system healthy. It not only has high fibre which activates elimination of wastes, but also helps in detoxifying the inner systems.

Reduces Irritation: Acai berries help tackle skin irritations when applied topically. When consumed internally, they help in reducing respiratory related irritations as well.


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