Home spun Guatemala fabrics new to glamour scene

Home spun Guatemala fabrics new to glamour scene

Most Guatemalan handcrafts and fabrics are handmade and purchased from the villages. The market is a fabulous place to visit where you can find handmade fabrics woven in homes or in the streets of Chichi.

The hand-woven Mayan fabric of Guatemala is beautiful and colorful. The traditional Maya dress is the huipiles and cortes. These fabrics are 100% cotton and hand-woven in the homes of families in the Guatemalan highlands.

Many fabrics contain design work. Introduced by the Spanish and traditionally carried by the men, the loom is operated by foot and not by machine. Textiles woven on these looms are referred by the Maya people as “Machine Made”. In contrast to the treadle loom, back strap looms are operated by the women using simple technology to weave huipiles, and it is time consuming process.


The Mayan Indians of Guatemala have hand woven textiles for centuries. Even today the native people wear the traditional dress called the “traje”. Only a few men in the villages wear the traditional dress in the Guatemalan highlands.


The Maya’s Woman clothing consist of a huipil and corte and accessories such as faja, cinta, perraje, and tzute.


  • Huipil - Maya Woman’s Blouse: “The work of art” which is part of her personal and identity of the village.
  • Corte - Maya Woman's Skirt: Corte means to cut. The cloth is cut in lengths and typically hand-woven on the treadle loom.
  • Cinta and Fajas: Sashes are back-strap woven.
  • Perraje / Rebozo: Mayan woman’s shawl.
  • Tzute: Multi-Purpose cloth.



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